When: February 20th - 21st, 2016
Where: Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA


Time What
February 20 Saturday
8:30am - 10:00am Doors open, participant check-in
10:00am - 11:00am Codefest Kick-Off
  • Keynote Speaker - Karen Griffith Gryga, Chief Investment Officer, Dreamit Ventures
  • API Demos
  • Codefest Rules and Prizes
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Deadline for teams to register on Devpost
5:30pm - 7:00pm Dinner
11:00pm Late Night Snack
February 21 Sunday
12:00am - 12:00pm Coding Continues
7;30am Breakfast
12:00pm Coding Ends!
12:00pm Lunch & Demo Fair Setup
12:45pm - 3:30pm Philly Codefest Demo Fair & Judging
3:00pm - 3:30pm Judging - Final Presentation Setup
3:30pm - 5:30pm Final Presentations & Awards Ceremony

About Philly Codefest

Philly Codefest is a 36-hour software and hardware hackathon with the goal of developing innovative solutions to help solve real world challenges. Open to all college students and professionals, Codefest gives everyone the opportunity to grow and learn — no matter your background or skill level. During Codefest, participants will have the opportunity to interact with technology leaders, mentors and some of the most sought-after companies in the Philadelphia area and tech field at large. Codefest isn’t just a chance for you to build hacks; it’s also an opportunity for you build relationships within a community. Philly Codefest’s collaborative environment allows teams of all kinds push the boundaries of innovation and take creative risks for a chance to win big prizes.

Last Year's Winners


Grand Prize

Overall Best Project - $3,000
The Dean's Award for Innovation - $750

Project Description

Big things are happening in Philadelphia public transit. There are station and concourse renovations going on in Center city and new payment technologies being installed by SEPTA on all vehicles, but no change is bigger for our city's health, mobility and well-being than the unveiling of our very own Bike Share! Indego2Go will put Philly back at the forefront of bikeable cities with a state-of-the-art system, a system which deserves state-of-the-art software support. That is what we set out to create in Indego2Go. Using our app, bike share riders will be able to find the closest bike rack, plot a course towards their destination (depositing the bike in a close by rack along the way), and get there quickly and safely. Users may reserve bikes ahead of time pay using Apple Pay while tracking important health stats along the way! Our users will compete against friends, family, and other Philadelphians on our global and friends-only leaderboards. Indego2Go is not only an app though. We are providing an accessible REST API containing data we have logged and data we will collect for the benefit of all Philadelphians. This will allow our brotherly developers to contribute even more to the community and their city. After all, we have only gotten this far by standing on the shoulders of the giants before us. Ideally, we would also love to allow our users to opt to share their data with their health insurance provider, providing proof of an active lifestyle in exchange for better personalized rates!

Read more about last year's winners

CCI Innovators

Majority Student Team - $750
Women in Technology Award - $500

Project Description

Drexel C-ri is a voice recognition application, similar to Apple Siri, designed for Drexel students to answer general questions, easily accessible Drexel Shuttle schedule, latest events happening at Drexel, on-campus navigation, and other important information regarding Drexel. One of the other major problems that this application resolves for the Drexel students is navigation of Drexel buildings, for example, from Curtis Hall to UC 151. Every university uses codes for buildings on campus. Drexel course schedules also have the location of the classes as SC 306 etc. Someone said: ‘I was 20 min late to my class because I couldn’t find the building named SC 306 on the first day of the term.’ Yes, it is a problem in Drexel and pretty much in every major university. This application will also be customizable for other bigger organizations, especially, universities according to their resources. This application provides students with innovative way to interact with Drexel resources and reduces unnecessary customer service queries.

Team Food Taste

Venture Capitalist's Choice - $500

Project Description

FoodTaste is a web app that brings restaurant dining into the 21st century. There are two main sides of FoodTaste: public and management. The public side allows customers to view and order food directly on their phones. The app brings up a menu that can be customized to the user's needs (including preferences and dietary restrictions). The customer is then able to order and pay for food in a sit-down restaurant directly on their app. The management side allows a restaurant to easily track business analytics. A restaurant manager can see visualizations of order frequency and details to help manage table turnover, inventory, and table scheduling. The restaurant can also get immediate feedback from customers via surveys on the public app. The goal of FoodTaste is to give every restaurant the analytic capabilities of a large-scale retail corporation. This will help the restaurant improve efficiency, productivity and the dining experience as a whole.


Best Hardware Hack - $500

Project Description

Using a system of Raspberry Pis, Team AI is attempting to create an artificial intelligence that thinks like a person. This AI could conceivably be applied to any purpose; whatever a person can do, it can learn.


CodeAcross Prize - $500

Project Description

The fire department of Philadelphia is in dire need of EMTs. According to a federal standard, it is expected that an ambulance arrive on scene within 5 minutes of dispatch. This only happens 45% of the time in Philadelphia. Our application will show the areas with the greatest need for more paramedics and where to dispatch more resources with the recently acquired budget of $2.4 million.


What's the theme and focus of the challenge?

The primary focus and theme for this year’s Philly Codefest is to develop amazing tools or approaches that enable access and use of data in areas of national and local (Philadelphia region) priority, such as health, hospital and patient care; government and civic solutions; media and digital arts; data science and visualization; and cybersecurity, among others.

The format offers opportunity to pursue multiple challenges with separate prizes for the winners in different aspects of innovation.

What are some of the solutions you think we should be building?

Sponsors and organizers of the Philly Codefest have been discussing various issues related to the “challenge” of accessing and using data, especially open source data, in the region and nationally, as well as what data exists and can be released to stimulate innovative ideas. We all have unique but interconnected visions for how to address the multi-faceted challenges of data use. However, do not feel constrained by concepts that will be presented here, as we're looking for any and all ideas. If you are inspired by a particular vision of how IT can help empower people, don't feel obligated to take on others’ big picture visions, as we know there are limits to what can be built within the context of this event. But if you are looking for inspiration to help drive the development of your own ideas, here are a number of jumping-off points for your consideration:

  • Game-like Solutions: People aren't typically engaged in learning about and adopting healthier lifestyles, especially when their peers aren’t, plus, we make exercise and healthy lifestyle messages absolutely unexciting! We need to make these things fun and engaging for populations. Think of a parallel universe — a virtual universe. This would be an environment where folks are connected with each other (who are also trying to improve their lifestyles) and coached by knowledgeable counselors on their choices of food purchases, eating habits, exercise and wellness. The power of an engaging game, connected to social support networks, collaboration platforms and persistent communication and knowledge-enhancement channels may be a better approach.
  • Data-driven Decision-Making Tools: There is not sufficient data to drive an individual’s informed decision-making every step of the way. Think of persistent “dirty data” problems or information systems that are not integrated across enterprises, whether in health, civic, disaster management or a host of other applications, where the absences of rapid access to useful data inhibits effective decision-making. Imagine if every individual is equipped with personal data tools (through mobile technologies, perhaps) to tap into the public data needed in real time. What would it be like if every person was equipped with devices that fed into their needed data sources about home, education, health or other needs? What are the possibilities? We think having access to such data will improve our decision-making. We think individuals need to be empowered.
  • Communication and Collaboration Tools: Now imagine robust collaboration tools, whether for doctor-patient interactions or financial advisory services or project management of a huge variety of needs in an increasingly mobile and global world. Tools that provide enabling support system infrastructure (think support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous) — imagine a person determined to get support from a peer group, perhaps leveraging social media or being able to “chat” with someone in the same situation. What are the issues that you would like to solve for connection and interaction in secure “conversations?”
  • Data Collection and Knowledge Enhancement Systems: Think apps, apps and more apps in this brave new world. While today there aren't pervasive and easy mechanisms for capturing personally relevant and related data, think smartphone apps that use communication networks to collect data through mobilized applications. Think applications, and knowledge-based systems that can improve our body of knowledge through crowdsourcing of what works and what doesn’t, through review, analysis and synthesis of research publications, and case-studies, leading to data-driven and evidence-based solutions to any one or more of a growing variety of data challenges that are becoming increasingly challenging with each “open data” release.
What are the judging criteria? How will my product be scored?
How well does your solution meet well-defined user needs? (25 points) How well have you integrated subject matter knowledge and available data sets in creating your solution? How innovative is your idea? 35 points How much did you develop during the event? (We encourage you to use legacy codebases, libraries, APIs, and databases; using an honor system tells us what you produced during the event). How readily might your solution be implemented? 25 points Litmus test: will someone pay you to use it, or use it even if you give it away free? Why? How good was your presentation? 15 points You need to convince the judges not only how cool your technology is, but also how well it addresses the problem, how likely it is to be used and how viable it is as a product in the market place. If possible, the judges would love to see a live demo!
Is there anything I need to know about the judging process?
Don’t forget:
  • You will be required to register as a team and disclose general project details by 1 p.m. on Saturday, February 20, 2016. We will provide further instructions on Saturday morning at the start of the event.
  • Leave adequate time to prepare your presentation. Know that Live Demos Rule! YOU MUST ALSO EXPLAIN how your solution meets user needs, is truly innovative and able to be implemented!
  • The initial round of judging will be conducted in a “Science Fair” style. Following completion of coding, teams will be given time to set up their exhibition tables before judging begins.
  • Teams will then be visited by judges and given 3 minutes to demo their projects.
  • Teams are responsible for setup and providing their presentations to the organizers.
  • Final judging for teams moving forward from the “Science Fair” will consist of a timed presentation in front of a final judging panel.  Slides and demos can be used during the final presentations.
How are teams formed?
We expect the majority of participants might enter the competition as part of a team they have already assembled before the event. If you would like to join a team or recruit members for your team we encourage you to signup on our DEVPOST site. Here you will be able to network with other like minded individuals and potentially form teams before the event begins. There will also be an opportunity Saturday morning to network with others looking to form a team.
Do I need to use any particular language or development platform?
No. The organizers and judges are impartial to the type of programming language, architectural paradigm, or the IDE you use to develop your application. Likewise, there are no restrictions on the target environment of your applications — they can be web-based or mobile applications.
Will VMs be provided to test and host applications?
We will not provide VMs or a hosting environment. You will be provided with power, Internet connectivity and a place to work as teams. Bring Your Own IT (BYOIT)! You are responsible for any hosting necessary for your application. We recommend you check out some of the services from this year’s sponsors — there are low cost options and free trials available that will last the duration of the event:
Are there any limitations to what can be built in terms of mobile vs. Web vs. desktop app?
No. Time and imagination are your only limits.
Can I bring existing code with me to the competition or do we need to start from scratch? What about using existing open source code?
You may existing and open source code. In your presentations, please make sure you tell the judges what you had when you came in, what third-party components you used and what you actually developed during the event. This disclosure will NOT go against you. Rather, you will place your team on a solid footing with your honest disclosure, because:
  • These judges are experts (they know what can and cannot be developed in the limited time)
  • The modern world of computing is all about properly and ethically leveraging libraries, APIs, open source codes, and existing data sets.
What are the rules regarding third-party APIs?
None. Just acknowledge their use.
Can my team meet prior to the event to start discussions?
We encourage team members to start talking amongst themselves, at least by the week leading up to the event to get a head start. But we ask that if you do any coding prior to the start of the event Saturday morning, you disclose this when you present your project to the judges. Many participants find it helpful to assign roles/responsibilities to team members prior to the event.
Do I have to code on site or can I code at a location of my choosing?
All coding must be done on site (please) unless you have extraordinary circumstances. We will have multiple mentors and sponsors on site for the duration of the event to offer assistance in a variety of areas, we encourage you to take advantage of their expertise. If you work off site, you will be at a distinct disadvantage.
Are there any prizes other than a grand prize?
Yes. But, we love a good surprise. Your team has to be at the awards ceremony, or at least represented at the ceremony, to be eligible to receive prizes.
Who owns the code that my team writes? Are we required to open source it?
You own it! Your project does not have to be open source. In the past, we offered prizes that require projects to be open source; if you would like to be eligible for one of these open source prizes, then your project must meet the prize requirements. We will disclose prizes and requirements on the day of the event.


Interested in sponsoring Philly Codefest? Take a look at our sponsorship information

The College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) is the focal point for Drexel's computing and information research and education. The College has considerable depth and breadth to address the opportunities and challenges of the information age. The College serves as a central hub for multi-disciplinary computing activities, which applications and utility span across a wide range of academic domains. The faculty and students extend Drexel's long-standing strengths in computing and informatics disciplines, delivering recognition as a world-class academic unit for both research and educational programs. CCI combines the strengths and assets of research, undergraduate, graduate, and professional computing and informatics programs, with special commitment to helping grow Drexel’s “Innovation Neighborhood” as a launching pad for innovative technology entrepreneurs.

50onRed is a fast-growing and innovative advertising technology company. We create technology to maximize revenue for the digital ecosystem. Building, breaking, and bettering technology at extraordinary scale is our secret to staying at the forefront of innovation. The products we create generate huge value for advertisers and publishers, serving billions of impressions a day via the global 50onRed audience network. Over 10,000 advertisers use our self-service ad platforms to deploy, manage and optimize complex digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels to immediately access high quality traffic and publishers can earn revenue through a variety of customizable monetization suites.

Linode (http://www.linode.com| @linode) is a leading cloud-hosting provider founded in 2003. The company boasts more than 350,000 customers worldwide with seven worldwide datacenters with four in the US, three in Europe and Asia, and one more in Frankfurt, Germany, coming online later this summer.

Subscribers can create a cloud server with Linode in under a minute for as low as $10 per month. Users can scale their environments to meet demands – paying for only what they use, with no long-term commitments.

In February 2015, BuiltWith.com ranked Linode -home to more than 580,000 websites on the Internet - in the Top-10 of all web-hosting providers. Additionally, CloudHarmony indicates a greater than 99.99 percent average for service availability throughout Linode’s datacenters.

Capital One started with a simple principle – attract great talent and give them the opportunity to be great. Founded in 1988, we harnessed the power of big data to create customized products that disrupted the credit card industry. Over the years, our associates have used our information-based strategy to build a great company, bringing breakthrough banking products and services to consumers, small businesses, and commercial clients. Today, with more than 65-million customers and 40,000 associates worldwide, our Cloud-enabled infrastructure, Open Source culture, and leading-edge data and analytics platforms are fueling Capital One’s position as a digital leader.

The University City Science Center is a dynamic hub for innovation, entrepreneurship and technology commercialization. For more than 50 years, we have helped scientists, entrepreneurs, startups, and growing and established companies throughout the Greater Philadelphia region as they move their technologies into the marketplace, where they can benefit the region and the world. We accomplish this by offering a steady stream of networking, professional development, and entrepreneurial support programs designed to leverage the rich resources available in the region’s innovation ecosystem.

Advanced Technology serves as a technology innovation incubator for the FIS’ Institutional and Wholesale business. We work with companies whose unique challenges require creative thinking and the clever uses of technology to make a difference to our clients’ lives and their business. We bring the latest technology and thinking to our media and internet clients and apply these learnings to our financial services client to help bring their ideas from inspiration to production.

CloudMine empowers developers to build engaging digital experiences - at rapid speed. CloudMine's core product will be made available to participants in the Philly Codefest for free and provide on-site support at the event. CloudMine removes the complexity of app development, allowing developers and UX/UI designers to focus on unique value & function without worrying about large integrations for the transmission of sensitive data transfer and managing complex backend systems. By leveraging CloudMine’s mobile backend-as-a-service (mBaaS) platform, developers can deliver compelling app content without sacrificing security, robustness, performance or the ability to meet key compliance requirements (ex. HIPAA). CloudMine users are able to build apps using familiar technologies (JavaScript, Java, and .NET) coupled with best-of-breed components for microservices (push notifications, geolocation, etc), data modeling & storage, data encryption, automated scale, logging, and high availability. All while benefiting from the agility and power of the cloud.

Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods.

Etsy is committed to promoting diversity in the workplace and is proud to be a B Corporation for adherence to rigorous social and environmental standards. Etsy Engineering is also the author of Code as Craft, a blog dedicated to writing about the collective experience of building and running Etsy.com, the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace."

 IntegriChain is the leading channel management cloud used by healthcare suppliers, including nine of the top-10 pharmaceutical manufacturers, to drive channel collaboration and to improve the efficiency of how products reach customers. Pharmaceutical, biopharm/specialty pharma, generics, and consumer health suppliers use IntegriChain to manage their supply chain relationships, inventories, and orders across a vast network of retailers, ecommerce, and distributors. As a suite of informed applications and analytics built on top of aggregated channel inventory and point-of-sale (POS) data, IntegriChain provides customer operations, national accounts, and finance teams with a collaborative, agile, and mobile alternative to ERP and homegrown systems. By embedding big-data customer insights into daily business processes, IntegriChain helps control the high cost of product distribution while improving product availability, ensuring a higher level of revenue predictability and maximizing distribution investment. More than $200 billion in annual US commerce and 2.0 billion transactions flowed through the IntegriChain Cloud in 2014. For more information, visit www.integrichain.com and follow us on Twitter @IntegriChain.

Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that – with the addition of Sikorsky – employs approximately 126,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. In the community, Lockheed Martin supports a wide-range of STEM activities that reach students and educators from elementary school through college. We are pleased to support Philly Codefest to help our next generation engineer a better tomorrow. Learn more at www.lockheedmartin.com/stem.

TherapyNotes.com is the national leader in providing web-based behavioral health practice management and electronic health records software to private practices, psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers and psychiatrists. The solution integrates patient scheduling, medical records, billing and electronic claims to streamline the way mental health doctors manage their practice. At TherapyNotes.com, you will have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, Agile environment with other talented developers who share a passion for delivering high quality software to our stakeholders.

Pliner Solutions, Inc., based in Willow Grove, PA, is the parent company of TherapyNotes.com and a customer-oriented technology company with a track record of success. We offer top notch software and Internet development, hosting, consulting, media design, and Internet marketing services for businesses large and small.

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We are hiring across all areas of the company - email recruiting@monetate.comif you're interested!

Sponsor Philly Codefest

Join the network of support at Philly Codefest 2016, February 20-21, 2016, to help deliver new approaches, prototypes and tools that unlock the power of code, data and hardware for innovative solutions. Your support will help propel this combined effort of corporations, educational and professional institutions and individuals to harvest technological creativity in the Philly region and beyond.

Codefest also gives you the opportunity to publicize your product/API to the most tech-savvy students in the Philadelphia area. As a sponsor you will be able to demo your products to participants and watch the creative ways in which hackers use your services.

Philly Codefest is unique in that it is open not only to students but also professionals throughout the Philadelphia and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Three Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • Recruitng - Hackathons are one of today’s most powerful recruiting tools, as they give you access to some of the best and brightest students around. Sponsors will have the opportunity for direct recruiting access to Codefest participants. You’ll be able to meet with and contact participants during and after the event.
  • Brand Exposure - Get your swag and name out to the world. Sponsoring Codefest will allow you to show off your company’s technical side and increase your exposure to current and future tech leaders across the Philadelphia area.
  • Increasing engagement with their API/developer ecosystem - Helping hackers use your products/API’s will allow you to build lasting relationships with hackers. Participants will know your brand and associate it with the helpful team behind it. Sponsoring Codefest will allow for real-time observation of your potential clients/employees testing out your product. Offering a prize for best use of your product is also a great idea from both a branding and product perspective.

Codefest sponsorship includes:

  • Opportunity to interact with coders before, during and after the event to provide feedback and to assess talent.
  • Distribute recruiting material and swag at the event.
  • Your logo on the Codefest t-shirt.
  • Your company name on a branded challenge prize.
  • Thanked during Codefest opening and closing ceremonies.

Tier Supporter Kilo Mega Giga Tera Peta
Sponsorship Amount $1,000 $2,500 $6,000 $8,000 $10,000 $20,000
Bring Hardware1
Send Mentors
Sponsor Table
Codefest Tech Talk/Workshop2 10 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes
API/Company Demo 2 minutes 3 minutes 4 minutes 5 minutes 7 minutes
Offer Branded Prize3
Branded Meal
Keynote Speaker
Provide a Judge
Contact list for all Codefest teams4
Distribute recruiting materials
Access to participant resumes Post-Event Pre-Event Pre-Event Pre-Event
Send recruiters
Add swag to Codefest swag-bag
Banner near table location
Logo on Codefest t-shirt
Company blurb in program
Company information session at CCI (either before or after Codefest)
Additional Options
Sponsor a side event $1,500
Sponsor Participant Transportation TBD
Sponsor a snack $2,500

Still have questions? Not sure exactly what sponsorship level you are looking for? Contact Us Today to discuss.

1For Hardware sponsors only
2Tech Talks/Workshops will occur throughout the day/evening in an area outside the main hacking room. A list of events will be given to participants and will be advertised throughout Codefest.
3Prizes will be announced at the opening ceremonies and a list of prizes will be handed out to participants in their swag bags. Prize winners will be announced at the closing ceremony, and prize winner emails will be given to the sponsoring company.
4Names and email addresses will be provided after the event.
5Participants will be encouraged to submit resumes upon registering for Codefest.

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